It all began back in 2012 when The Chapar was hatched by father and son Sam and Joseph Middleton and the business has been changing the way men think about shopping ever since! In the early years, the business quickly gained traction within the market and developed some loyal customers many of whom still use the service to this day. As organic growth became harder, in 2018 the decision was made to acquire copycat business “Enclothed” which added some extra impetus to the customer base. Unfortunately the acquisition of Enclothed put added strain on the business infrastructure and the business fell into administration as a result.

Step in Edward Janes, an entrepreneur and one of the business’s loyal customers who acquired the business in order to carry on the hard work from the existing team. With the new ownership came a new vision and The Chapar service is now developing in to a higher level to serve our customers better. We’d love you to help forge the story for the next paragraphs in our history, to get started click below.




We want to help driven, focused, and success oriented professionals to excel in every area of their life by giving them the tools, advice, and understanding to dress well and look good. We want our clients to be supremely confident in every situation they encounter and perceived in exactly the way they want to be. We will know we are successful when we have assisted 100,000 + men to achieve their goals in their own lives and we are recognised throughout the country as a brand synonymous with assisting men in living successful lives.

- Edward Janes.


Our personal styling service is about more than just looking stylish, it is about providing you with the confidence and the lifestyle you deserve – and lifestyle begins with your wardrobe.